Purely Iconic

A surreal visual journey through nine rooms and its characters, celebrating 20 years of creativity.


Starting point

Boris is in an empty, dark space and he has the need to fill this space with images. These images, that he does not just search for but create, will cause a transformation in him, who will become a new being.


The goal was to encapsulate every piece of imagination of the studio in one audiovisual piece that is totally outside the studio’s essence. Always worked from a conceptual basis using Serial Cut’s™ visual references resorting to transitions between the different worlds to establish a very subtle narrative line but with a great background plot, such as the creative process and the reasons why anyone decides to create: To enrich themselves in the process.

Purely iconic is a journey along 20 years in which Serial Cut™’s creative process is deconstructed in a very conceptual fashion.

Executive Production: Serial Cut™
Creative Director: Sergio del Puerto & The SC Team
Director: Carmelo Barberá
Director of Photography: Olmo Sobrino
Set Art Director: Javier Le Pera
Costume Designer & Stylist: Bartholot
Sound: Banjo Soundscapes
Production: Miqui Navarro & Antonello Novellino

Produced by Serial Cut™: proudly no sponsors involved.

20 Years: Purely Iconic. Fully Serial Cut™ · Book | Film | Talk at sc99.net